New Products - Coming Soon!

We're always looking to add new products to our stock, and we're excited to announce we have the following new items coming soon to stock - get in touch to reserve your items now!

NEW - LED Swing & Stand

We're very excited to announce the LED Swing is coming to stock.

This large swing unit is 150cm x 150cm x 40cm wide.

Fitted with a 8 - 10 hour battery and is waterproof like the rest of our range. Supplied with cantilever stand, suitable for upto 100KG.

Get in touch to reserve.

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Picture 2.png
NEW:- LED Wave Bar

This new style of straight bar, is the LED Wave Bar - featuring a stylish design. This premium straight bar style will look great at your next event.

The Straight Bar comes with a Shelf and is 92cm x 80cm x 110cm

The Corner Sections are 80cm x 80cm x 110cm.

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NEW:- LED Champagne Table

The Champagne Table is back: this new style and version is now available for pre-order.

60cm wide by 56cm tall.

We now have these in stock.

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